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L&R Daily Supplement L&R Daily Supplement
Master the L & R sounds in English with a daily 5-minute lesson!
English Flashcards with Emily English Flashcards with Emily
Improve your English ability with these colorful and attractive flashcard lessons, complete with audio recordings by a native speaker.
Flags of World Cup Teams Flags of World Cup Teams
A handy reference to the national flags of World Cup teams. Try the Quiz – can you identify the flag for each country?
Real Farm Animal Sounds Real Farm Animal Sounds
Enjoy listening to the calls of a variety of farm animals. Educational and fun – teach your kids to recognize animals and also the sounds they make.
Real Zoo Animal Sounds Real Zoo Animal Sounds
Enjoy listening to the calls, roars and chatter of a variety of popular zoo animals. Teach your kids to recognize animals and also the sounds they make.
Real Bird Sounds Real Bird Sounds
A variety of bird sounds to entertain and educate!
Halloween Sounds of Horror Halloween Sounds of Horror
Free spooky sound effects to keep your family and friends entertained during Halloween.
Realistic Siren & Horn Sounds Realistic Siren & Horn Sounds
Free realistic sounds of sirens, horns and alarms to keep your family and friends entertained.
Realistic Bell Sounds Realistic Bell Sounds
Free realistic bell sounds for various occasions.
Realistic Applause Sounds Realistic Applause Sounds
A collection of applause sounds – from the sound of a single person clapping without enthusiasm through to the cheering of a crowd at a large-scale sports event.
Relaxing Nature Sounds Relaxing Nature Sounds
Relax to the soothing sounds of nature with this collection, from the quiet bubbling of a stream to the roll and crash of ocean surf on the shore.
Relaxing Music Collection Relaxing Music Collection
A collection of soothing instrumental music, perfect for calming the mind or enjoying on trips.
Japanese Orchestral Collection Japanese Orchestral Collection
A collection of ten modern Japanese orchestral pieces to enjoy.
Piano Melody Collection Piano Melody Collection
This collection contains 9 songs of atmospheric piano music written by Japanese composers.
Xmas Melody Collection Xmas Melody Collection
Enjoy the spirit of Christmas with this seasonal instrumental music collection.