L&R Daily Supplement

L&R Daily Supplement EducationFree
Release date: 6 December 2014

For a non-native speaker, the difference between English words with R and L (like “Red” and “Led”) can be hard to hear and pronounce.

This app will help you to master the English “L” and “R” sounds with daily 5-minute lessons & reviews!
A personalized review program to suit your pace!

Free! 36 words with no restrictions on app functionality.
Premium upgrade option: a one-time in-app purchase unlocks a further 118 words for a total of 154 words!

★ Native Speaker Pronunciations ★
Each lesson word has an illustration, explanation of its meaning and a professionally-recorded audio pronunciation by a native speaker to help you grow accustomized to and master each sound.

★ Record Your Voice and Compare! ★
Achieve a more natural pronunciation by recording your own voice for each word and comparing it to the model pronunciation.

★ Daily Reviews Suit Your Learning Pace! ★
The SRS (Spaced Repetition System) learning engine automatically sets the review schedule for each word, gradually increasing the period of time until the next review as your results improve. SRS in a method of learning based on studies of human memory that is particularly effective for word-related learning.

★ My List Creation ★
A convenient “My List” feature allows you to bookmark your own personal word list for review at any time.